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UYoung to Localize ‘Space Racers’ for China

Preschool brand expands its Chinese market presence through multi-channel television distribution and consumer-products deal.

UYoung will bring the preschool adventures of ‘Space Racers’ to China.

NEW YORK -- Space Race LLC, the global production company behind the popular and award-winning preschool television series, Space Racers, announced Chinese children's entertainment and media company UYoung will distribute a localized version of the show via multiple channels and develop a wide-ranging merchandising program.

The Space Racers brand has grown steadily from 2014, the launch year of its first season on public television, through further streaming partnerships, to the current second season, which debuted in November on Universal Kids' Sprout programming block.

Since its Sprout premiere, Space Racers has consistently been a top show for children ages 2-11 on the network.

Its STEM-rich content is internationally recognized and applauded by parents and educators.

Source: Space Race LLC

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