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UTS:SIAF Announces Q&A with Animal Logic's Rob Coleman

International Animation Festival will host Animation Director, Rob Coleman as he leads Q&A discussion on dynamics in creative teams.

International Animation Festival will host Animation Director, Rob Coleman as he leads Q&A discussion on dynamics in creative teams.

Coleman, best known for his work on the Star Wars prequels, and Happy Feet 2, will use his career as a catalyst in addressing how to pull together and lead teams of creative people on large-scale projects such as feature films, TV series and commercials.

For Coleman, a two time Academy Award nominated Animation Director with 25 years of experience, it is knowing how to identify the skills, attributes and personalities to get the most out of these teams, that is crucial.

“Creative people can come from anywhere, it is important to be able to recognise potential, especially in younger candidates.

“Each person you meet has a different combination of talent, and it’s important to recognise how to utilise individuals skills. I use the analogy of a jigsaw puzzle, where the corner piece represents senior staff who brings together teams of 7-10 people with different skills and attributes to complete the project. You need to get the corner pieces in the right position first so the rest of the puzzle falls together.

“You need all of those people to realise a directors’ vision Says Coleman.

He was chosen as one of the most creative people in the entertainment industry when he was added to Entertainment Weekly’s “It List” in 2002 as their “It CG- - Creature Crafter” for his work on    the digital  Yoda.        

He has been nominated for two Academy Awards for his work on Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and The Phantom Menace and two British Academy Awards (BAFTAs) for his work on Men in Black and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. He has received two MTV Movie Awards and two Saturn Awards for the best visual effects on the Star Wars Films.

He joined Animal Logic in July 2012 as the studio’s Head of Animation.

The 2012 UTS: Sydney International Animation Festival (SIAF) on October 12-14, featuring the latest highlights from local and international animators.

The program includes the Sydney feature film premieres of the Oscar-nominated Czech film noir animation, Alois Nebel, and the utterly charming, A Monster in Paris, featuring the voices of Vanessa Paradis and Sean Lennon. Other festival favourites include the International Programs, highlights of home-grown animation, animated documentaries, kids animation and the ever-so-odd Late Night Bizarre sessions. The festival will also host a presentation by Animal Logic’s Rob Coleman (Animation Director of Happy Feet 2, Star Wars) – how to balance business and creativity. Plus, the free 'Teen Jury' workshop for aspiring teenage animators. You can check out the website for the festival at:

For more information about UTS:SIAF please visit our website

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Source: UTS: Sydney International Animation Festival