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USC Announces Expanded Animation (XA) MFA Program

The XA curriculum explores new forms of animation practice and allows students to design their career paths through individual mentorships and a flexible curriculum; the application deadline is November 15.

USC has announced the expansion of its Animation Research + Practice (XA) MFA program, inviting artists, directors, and visionaries to advance the field while exploring new forms of animation practice, including Artificial Intelligence, socially impactful animation, and academic research across the arts, academia, and industry.

The program’s faculty specializes in experimental animation, documentary animation, immersive installations, 3D animation, previs, motion capture, IMAX, animated painting, stop-motion, sound design, and AI. In addition, through individual mentorships and a flexible curriculum, students are encouraged to design their career pathways with opportunities to take a variety of electives offered at SCA and collaborate across campus with the University’s arts, humanities, science, and engineering schools.

XA draws on the City of Los Angeles as an international art and cultural center with its local, regional, and international opportunities, including internships, residencies, academic research, teaching, conferences, screenings, and world-class museums.

The application deadline is November 15. Additional information is available here.

Source: USC

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Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.