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The United States Post Office has issued a Yellow Submarine stamp with TheBeatles which was illustrated by Robin Shepherd and Caleb Lawrence ofJacksonville, Florida-based The Robin Shepherd Group. The stamp wasofficially dedicated on September 17, 1999 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and thepackage of fifteen stamps will be available soon at post offices across thecountry. The "Celebrate the Century" stamp series features fifteen stampsfor each decade of the twentieth century. The final stamps were determinedby vote. Each decade-specific ballot offered a total of 30 choices in fivecategories: People & Events, Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Science &Technology, and Lifestyle. The top two vote-getters in each category, alongwith the next five highest vote-getters overall, became the stamps for atotal of fifteen stamps per decade. The 1960s packet features the followingtopics (listed in order of most votes received from the public): Man Walkson the Moon, Super Bowl I, Peace Symbol, "I Have a Dream," Green BayPackers, The Beatles, Ford Mustang, The Vietnam War, Barbie Doll, RogerMaris, 61 in '61, The Integrated Circuit, Lasers, Woodstock, Star Trek, andThe Peace Corps. For more information on stamps visit