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Unreal Engine Powers The Chainsmokers’ Paris.VR Experience

Viewers see the song differently each time they experience it through the VR app, which debuted earlier this year at Sony Music’s Lost in Music event. 

As headliners for Sony Music’s Lost In Music event, Grammy-winning duo The Chainsmokers teamed with creative agency Ralph and interactive entertainment studio Kuju to use Unreal Engine to build a VR experience around their song “Paris.”

The Paris.VR experience lets fans feel the song differently each time, bringing them inside band member Drew Taggart’s mind as he remixes the song, and following cues from the viewer to further tailor the song for a completely unique interpretation of the track.

Unreal Engine allowed Paris.VR designers to try multiple complex ideas very quickly, and ultimately allowed viewers to affect the content in real time.

This was crucial as the experience would be available at music events throughout the world, often times with viewers who had not tried VR before and needed it to feel intuitive and responsive.

Ultimately Unreal Engine helped deliver an exciting and intimate experience for Chainsmokers fans, combining popular music, high-end visuals, and real time interactivity for a memorable VR journey.

Source: Unreal Engine

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