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Universal Studios and Dreamworks Team to Create Shrek 4D

SHREK 4D, an all-new "multi-sensory" attraction and a continuation of the SHREK fairy tale, is scheduled to debut at Universal Studios theme parks in summer 2003, and will be the first major attraction to be introduced simultaneously at Universal's theme parks in Hollywood, Orlando and Japan. SHREK actors Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and John Lithgow return to voice the characters they created in this all-new animated saga that will pick up the story where the feature film left off. In the new tale, Shrek (Myers), Princess Fiona (Diaz) and their companion, Donkey (Murphy) set off for a honeymoon at Fairytale Falls, but are haunted by the ghost of Lord Farquaad (Lithgow) and his evil schemes to ruin the ogres' honeymoon. At the attraction, which will be housed in a castle-like building, guests will be ushered into a pre-show chamber where they'll be greeted by the late Lord Farquaad, who will inform guests of his ghostly scheme to haunt the honeymooners. The five-minute video preamble will prepare guests for their entry into the main theater, which features specially designed seats and sensory elements that help propel the narrative experience. In addition to the "OgreVision" glasses the audience must wear to get the full effect of the 3D animation, the theater's seats are capable of both vertical and horizontal motion, and are equipped with tactile transducers, pneumatic air propulsion and water spray nodules. The 15 minutes of all-new 3D animation, created by PDI, bridges the narrative between SHREK and the upcoming sequel from DreamWorks Pictures, SHREK 2, which is due in theaters summer 2004. David Lipman, who served as co-executive producer for SHREK, and is producing SHREK 2, also produced the theme park attraction.