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Unconventional A24 Picks Up Controversial ‘Hazbin Hotel’

Vivienne Medrano’s overnight YouTube sensation animated musical comedy from Hell is coming to TV under the ‘Uncut Gems’ and ‘Lady Bird’ entertainment company banner.

A24, the indie entertainment company behind your favorite weird movies Uncut Gems, Lady Bird, Moonlight, and The Lighthouse, is back at it again with something – you guessed it – strange. The indie distributor announced on August 7th that the YouTube animated musical phenomenon Hazbin Hotel, which has racked up 41 million views since October 2019, has been picked up for a full season.

The story follows Charlie, Princess of Hell, who attempts to combat the overpopulation of her land by attempting to rehabilitate demons, thus sending them to Heaven. She is joined by partner Vaggie and “test subject,” adult film star Angel Dust.

The 30-minute pilot, created, directed, written and produced by School of Visual Arts (NY) alum Vivienne Medrano, has earned a massive fan base along with its fair share of controversy; it’s been accused, among other things, of transphobia and homophobia due to the representation of its LGBTQIA+ characters. The deal feels like a good creative fit, as A24 is no stranger to challenging the status quo and what it means to be politically correct. Medrano joins the ranks of fellow SVA graduates Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe), Gary “Doodles” DiRaffaele (Breadwinners), and Dana Terrace (The Owl House), who have all found success in the animation industry.

A24 has not yet announced a show format, number of episodes ordered, or air date. To learn more about Medrano, watch her interview about the creation of Hazbin in the feature film documentary, Hand Drawn.

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