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Ukrainian-Produced ‘Brave Bunnies’ Returns with Season 2 in 2023

New Wildbrain, Glowberry and Ánimas’ agreement ensures the continued production of the popular preschool animated series despite its disruption caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

WildBrain has partnered with Ukrainian-based Glowberry to bring the Brave Bunnies preschool brand into its kids’ and family franchise portfolio. Under the arrangement, WildBrain has assured the continuation of the popular series disrupted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Working with Glowberry and the Ibero-American animation studio, Ánima, WildBrain will lead global management of the franchise, leveraging its 360° capabilities across production, distribution, and consumer products. Glowberry co-founder Olga Cherepanova created Brave Bunnies and is the series’ creative director.

Brave Bunnies Season 2 will be co-produced by WIldbrain’s Vancouver studio, with delivery expected in June 2023. WildBrain CPLG, the company’s dedicated consumer products agency, will manage licensing and merchandising worldwide. In addition, the company’s own Family Jr. channel has picked up Brave Bunnies Season 1 (produced by Glowberry and Ánima) for exclusive linear telecast in Canada. Glowberry retains distribution and licensing rights for the brand in Ukraine, while Ánima has distribution rights in Spain. The three-way partnership, which Big Picture Licensing facilitated, sees WildBrain become the majority stakeholder in the Brave Bunnies IP, with Glowberry and Ánima as minority stakeholders.

Brave Bunnies is a kids’ property born of tremendous creative vision and has the potential to be a major preschool franchise, having already established a solid foundation with audiences through compelling content and consumer products,” commented Wildbrain CEO Eric Ellenbogen. “Following the terrible events in Ukraine this year, we saw it as vital to ensure the future of this wonderful property, and we couldn’t be more pleased now to be collaborating with Olga Cherepanova and her Glowberry team, along with the creative team at Ánima, on the next big adventures for the Brave Bunnies.”

The 2D-animated series for kids ages 2-5 follows the adventures of two curious and inspiring bunny siblings—Boo and Bop—who create joy and excitement in their lives by bravely seeking out new friends, games, and experiences. The series fosters curiosity, creativity, eagerness, openness, and responsibility while encouraging kids to ask, “What if...?”

“I created Brave Bunnies to help children all over the world communicate with different friends without any fears or stereotypes, respecting the diversity of our world,” shared Cherepanova. “Each episode of Brave Bunnies shows real-life examples of how to find a unique approach to each person without pressure or changing anyone’s uniqueness. This idea is essential for healthy childhood development.”

Adding, “Unfortunately, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Glowberry team faced significant challenges. Many employees were forced to flee Kyiv because of personal safety and the lives of their loved ones. But thanks to the support of partners like WildBrain and Ánima, now we have the opportunity to continue to create and share Brave Bunnies together.”

“I’m proud and happy that this project born in Ukraine will now continue to spread around the world, helping the next generation develop respect for diversity and build relationships based on co-creation and cooperation rather than on fear and violence,” concluded Cherepanova. “On behalf of the Ukrainian team, I want to express my deep gratitude to all the partners and talented people working together on Brave Bunnies, who have done so much despite the challenges we all faced. We do hope for peace in Ukraine and will do everything possible for a peaceful tomorrow.”

“From Ánima, we want to thank both WildBrain and Glowberry,” said Ánima, Spain CEO Ángel Molinero. “We are very excited about the future of the project, and we believe WildBrain is the perfect partner to give continuity to the Brave Bunnies brand.”

Brave Bunnies Season 1 is on kids' platforms in more than 80 countries across LatAm, Canada, the UK, Europe, Nordics, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. A complimentary toy line for Brave Bunnies was launched by kids’ entertainment company Spin Master in Germany and Italy earlier this year. In addition, the franchise’s first books have debuted in Italy from publisher Planeta Libre, an imprint of De Agostini, who are also co-producers of the animated series; in Australia from Five Mile Publishing; and in the UK from Ladybird, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

In season one of Brave Bunnies (52 x 7’), Boo and Bop are on a big adventure in the Bunny Bus with Ma and Pa and their four wee siblings, the Bunny Babies. Together, they bravely explore the Bunny World, traveling to the jungle, savannah, forest, plains, and mountains. Along the way, Boo and Bop meet new animal children, including a tiger, kangaroo, bear, fox, and llama. Despite their differences, they always find a way to make friends and play new games!

For season two (52 x 7’), the Brave Bunnies continue their road trip adventure around the Bunny World, encountering a few old friends and making more new ones! In this season, Boo and Bop have some big surprises in store for small viewers as they visit their “Best Bunny Friends” at their homes, meet their families, explore their unique lifestyles, and find new adventures.

Source: WIldbrain

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