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U-571 Sinks The New Recruits At US BO

Universals submarine sensation, U-571, has left new films in its wake as it sails into the #1 spot at the U.S. box office for the second straight week. The World War II flick finished atop new comers THE FLINTSTONES VIVA ROCK VEGAS and FREQUENCY with a gross of US$12.2 million and floating its total box office take to $38.11 million. Rolling into second place was Universals prequel to their 1994 hit THE FLINTSTONES. With a new cast, the prehistoric pic, with primary visual effects by Metrolight Studios, "rocked" up $10.52 million. The time-jumping sci-fi adventure, FREQUENCY, leaped into 3rd place. The New Line flick channeled $9.03 million into its pockets over the weekend. Slipping a spot to finish out the top ten was New Lines FINAL DESTINATION. The school-age screamer grossed another $2.35 million, bringing its cume to $45.55 million. With the 35mm version rolling out in June, the epic 70mm Imax release of FANTASIA/2000 jumped up 10% to gross $2.14 million and raising it box office purse to $49.55 million. THE ROAD TO EL DORADO seems to be leading to a steep cliff. The DreamWorks buddy toon plummeted from 7th to 12th place grossing $2.01 million. The light romp has floated DreamWorks $46.45 million in total box office receipts. ROMEO MUST DIE, with primary special effects by Manex Visual Effects, fell to #18 with a gross of $807,871 and bringing its cume of $53.67 million. AMERICAN BEAUTY makes its way down the charts falling to #19. Fans of the Oscar winning best picture gave another $670,739 million to the flick before it hits video. Sources say the $128.1 million sensation will see a low amount of copies on Blockbuster shelves as the video rental mega-store couldnt come to an acceptable financial agreement with the video distributors. The toon titan TOY STORY 2 took home another $256,826 bringing its grand total to $244.4 million. Other special effects laden films finishing in the top fifty were: THE GREEN MILE at #31, with a gross of $149,748 and a cume of $136.6 million; MISSION TO MARS at #32, with a gross of $138,377 and a cume of $59.06 million; BICENTENNIAL MAN at #33, with a gross of $129,346 and a cume of $57.99 million; GALAXY QUEST at #36, with a gross of $121,039 and a cume of $71.42 million; T-REX: BACK TO THE CRETACEOUS at #39, with a gross of $100,600 and a cume of $28.69 million; THE SIXTH SENSE at #42, with a gross of $84,118 and a cume of $293.4 million; and THE NINTH GATE at #50, with a gross of $58,219 and a cume of $18.41 million. Box office reports obtained in The Hollywood Reporter.

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