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Tweak Software to Unveil RV 4.0

Tweak Software unveils RV 4.0, combining industry-leading playback, review and collaboration with a new generation of features, at SIGGRAPH 2013.

San Francisco, CA  -- Tweak Software announced plans to unveil RV 4.0 at the SIGGRAPH conference, in Anaheim, CA. Version 4.0 is a major update to RV, the image and sequence viewer for VFX and animation professionals currently powering image playback and review at industry leading facilities ILM, MPC, WETA Digital and many more. Tweak will be demonstrating RV 4.0 in the Shotgun Software booth, #737 from July 23-25 at the Anaheim Convention Center during exhibit hours.

RV 4.0 combines established industry leading features for playback, review, and collaboration with a new generation of features to enable artists, production teams, and studios to review film resolution digital imagery accurately, in context, and integrated seamlessly with modern workflows and far-flung production models. An in-depth preview of RV 4.0 will be presented at the Tweak User Group Meeting, Tuesday, July 23, 11:45AM-1:15PM in room 213a at the Anaheim Convention Center.

RV 4.0 is built on top of the RVX Core, a new hardware accelerated image processing architecture that combines fast IO, resolution-independent image handling, hardware accelerated floating point image processing, and advanced color management. The RVX Core also adds a major new dimension to RV's customizability--user programmable GPU image processing operations (GLSL shaders) that can be integrated into custom RV workflows.

"RV 4.0 is already proving to have great new capabilities. During our extensive beta testing, we developed a custom GLSL shader to display any out-of-gamut pixels when converting images between different color spaces,” said Damien Fagnou, Global Head of Software, MPC.

"Two years ago, we started work on the RVX Core, a major new rendering and image processing architecture designed to exploit the next generation of hardware. RV 4.0 is the first product based on the new architecture. Now that the RVX Core is here, we feel like kids in a LEGO store. We can easily create all kinds of great new features for our existing tools RV, RV-SDI, and RVIO, and we have a really powerful platform on which to build a new generation of artist's tools. On top of that, we decided to open up the RVX Core to our users, so they can build on it too. The next few years are going to be exciting,” explained Seth Rosenthal, Co-Founder, Tweak Software.

RV 4.0 Key Features:

Helps artists see their work accurately and in context

  • Mix formats, resolutions, color spaces, frame rates
  • Editorial transitions and time-warps
  • Linear floating point, HDR image processing and compositing

Enables productions to get the color right:

  • Support for CDL, ACES, LUTs, Open Color IO, and user-programmed GLSL shaders
  • PipelineGroups enable completely custom color pipelines
  • Secondary color correction on any RV view 

Empowers studios to build seamless collaboration, approval and review workflow:

  • Python scripting, Web integration and open source session file format
  • User-programmable image processing operations using GLSL shaders
  • Nuke, Maya, Shotgun integration out of the box
  • Remote sync review among two or more locations

Source: Tweak Software

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