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Tutenstein Reigns With Feature-Length Movie

The first feature length TUTENSTEIN movie based on PorchLight Ent.'s two-time Emmy winning television series, is set to debut on Discovery Kids in the U.S. this fall and premiere internationally at MIPCOM Junior in October.

TUTENSTEIN: CLASH OF THE PHARAOHS picks up where the previous three seasons of the series left off and takes Tutenstein, the mummified boy pharaoh who was brought back to life in a modern day museum, on a more exciting journey than ever before. PorchLight will unveil TUTENSTEIN: CLASH OF THE PHARAOHS during the MIPCOM Junior screenings and will present the movie during MIPCOM 2008.

In TUTENSTEIN: CLASH OF THE PHARAOHS, Tutenstein, Cleo and Luxor take the trip of a lifetime -- to ancient Egypt. When Tut is plagued by nightmares concerning his death, he journeys to the past with hopes of stopping his death. But the gang arrives too late, nearly 1,000 years after Tut lived. His hopes for the royal treatment are dashed when Cleo is mistaken for Cleopatra, the current Pharaoh of Egypt. With their roles reversed -- Cleo playing the arrogant queen while Tut begrudgingly taking the role of her servant -- Tut and Cleo's friendship is challenged. While Cleo lets the crown go to her head, Tut and Luxor discover the Grand Vizier's plan to take control of the kingdom by getting rid of Cleo. Tut must stop the Grand Vizier and rescue Cleo before she's sent to the Afterlife. By the time they return to the present, Tut and Cleo learn the importance of true friendship -- no matter what the era.

Both the TUTENSTEIN movie and television series combines ancient Egyptian mythology with contemporary, urban humor and attitude. Its goal is to accurately portray the diverse Egyptian mythology, utilizing stories and characters that reflect the lives of kids today. In order to do so, PorchLight's production team works closely with Dr. Peter Lacovara, TUTENSTEIN's Egyptology consultant who authenticates the Egyptian content.

As well as leading TUTENSTEIN: CLASH OF THE PHARAOHS production, PorchLight holds worldwide TV distribution rights and licensing and video rights, excluding the United States and South America. PorchLight Entertainment produces TUTENSTEIN for Discovery Kids. The series is co-produced by Telegael. Executive producers are Bruce Johnson, William Baumann, Martha Ripp and Paul Cummins.