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Trunk’s Rok Predin Releases Trailer for ‘One of A Kind’

Trunk Animation releases a trailer for director Rok Predin’s newest short film, One of A Kind.

What a treat, here's the trailer for Rok's new film, One of a Kind.

Trunk Animation director Rok Predin has been working like a demon since the New Year creating his new film, One of A Kind. The trailer gives a first peak at the sumptuous rich palette, style and feel of this upcoming short. It also features just one of the staggering 73 characters featured in the film, due for release later this spring.

The subject of the film contains a grand evolved theme that, like his short Back in the Day, will resonate with viewers and will sit proudly alongside his other well-received shorts, including The Chase and Inside.

For the first time in a Rok Predin short a narrator has been used to tell the story. The narration is provided by…well that’s a secret for now but Rok was reportedly chuffed when they agreed to get involved. The Ivor Novello award-winning composer Daniel Pemberton, who has just finished working on Ridley Scott’s latest feature The Counselor, is creating the score. Barnaby Templer and Fonic will be looking after the audio post production.

As so many distinct characters are involved in the film it creates a host of challenges for Rok, who notes, “The main challenge is to find an efficient way to animate multiple characters and retain their diversity without making custom rigs for each of them.”

Working with a small team he is overcoming this and other challenges by pushing his skill set to the max. Using Photoshop, Cinema 4D and After Effects, Rok is constructing a multitude of costumes, textures, hairstyles and accessories for his characters all which bear the visual handwriting of their creator.

Source: Trunk Animation

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