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Trunk & Peepshow Animate Cyber Safety for Kaspersky

Creative partners Trunk Animation and Peepshow collaborate on a new approach to cyber war infomercials for IT Security giant Kaspersky Lab.

The Russian based multi-national required a set of infomercials to promote their 2013 range, and for the first time, rather than going through their above the line agency, decided to opt for a more intimate approach, and work with Trunk and Peepshow collaboratively.

Producer Richard Barnett stated “One particular challenge for us, was how to make the product films not only work across different territories, but also across different media. We therefore relied on metaphors and symbols with reiterating text panels so the films could appear in various places such as at P.O.S where audio would cause a problem. We also chose a style that was fun, bright, colourful and entertaining that would engage with the viewer positively, which is the antithesis of current Internet security campaigns that seem to require a dark brooding presence to terrify the surfer.”

Kaspersky green-lighted the concept immediately and asked for eight infomercials to work across fourteen territories (globally). Miles Donovan as Artistic Director ensured the animations synced with the ‘Kaspersky Lab’ brand by using the colour palette from each product in each corresponding short. Spencer Wilson’s beautiful illustrations gave each short the light, fresh and lively feel that was required. While references and nods to popular culture ensure the shorts have an international reach. Director Pete Mellor noted “The flow of each animation was carefully considered so that the pace and movement of the elements were full of life and character.” The shorts perfectly represent Kaspersky Lab’s quiet determination to stop all cyber threats to an Internet surfer. Ivan Arnold ensured each short had its own but related score. The successfully managed campaign presents security as an essential element of using the Internet whilst not allowing it to interfere with the enjoyment of surfing the web.

Source: Trunk Animation

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