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Trunk and Peepshow Help Define Pure for Kaspersky

Trunk and Peepshow define the functions of ‘Pure,’ the ultimate PC protection software, in a new infomercial for Kaspersky.

A new infomercial for Kaspersky Lab follows the success of the eight infomercials Trunk and Peepshow Collective collaborated on last March for the Internet IT Security giant. The new film explains the functions of ‘Pure’ their ultimate PC protection software.

As before, the film had to work globally so needed to use a strong visual language rather than rely on a scripted approach, especially as the short would be shown in certain environments without the audio.

As the software provided such vital, yet possibly perceived as quite dry and impenetrable features, such as secure transactional protocols, password protection, secure cloud backup and high-end encryption, amongst others, the short needed to communicate these complex ideas in a simple and accessible way. Not an easy feat, but one that was conquered with aplomb by the guys at Trunk and Peepshow. After a lot of coffee and head scratching they created a sequence of beautiful metaphors to describe the various aspects of the software. For example, in one instance the computer turns into a Rubik’s cube to describe the strength of the encryption software available when using Pure.

Spencer Wilson provided the look of the film with his gorgeous illustrations and was art directed by Miles Donovan. The brief outlined that this was a premium product so a new look was developed. Richard Barnett at Trunk notes, “We spent a lot of time looking at glossy car commercials, perfume ads and spots for high end products. After a while we realised that if we used reflective surfaces and more detail in the illustrations we could evolve the look of this film compared to our previous ones” director Pete Mellor added “A simple but effective effect”.

Once again the talented Ivan Arnold provided the score having been set the task of providing “a different track from the same album.”

Source: Trunk Animation

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