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Trixter Unveils Shot Breakdown from ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Munich-based visual effects studio delivered 294 shots for key sequences and characters for the Marvel blockbuster and another 106 shots for film trailers for a total of 400 shots.

VFX studio Trixter has released a shot breakdown from their VFX work on Marvel blockbuster, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Led by VFX supervisor Alessandro Cioffi and animation supervisor Simone Kraus, the Munich-based studio was responsible for delivering some of the film’s most thematically important and technically difficult shots and characters, including concept and look development for Ultron Mark I and the Iron Legionnaires, and the complex “Party Fight” sequence, which alone required 140 shots.

In all, Trixter worked on 294 shots for key sequences and characters within the film and another 106 shots for movie trailers for a total of 400 shots. The studio also worked on character creation and animation of digital doubles for Quicksilver, Exo Hydra Soldiers, Captain America, Iron Man and FX of Scarlet Witch’s magic power, as well as various digital environments and other digital assets.

Check out the new breakdown in the player below:

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Source: Trixter

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