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TripleTake Media Options Pen Dragon

TripleTake Media has optioned the screenplay PEN DRAGON from first-time screenwriter Christopher Canole for film, television and comic book/graphic novel publishing. PEN DRAGON is the story of Leo, a teenager who obtains Leonardo Da Vinci's actual drawing set from an old illustrator by the name of Merle Lin that brings to real life anything that the pens draw.

"From the moment we read the screenplay, we envisioned limitless opportunities for PEN DRAGON in television, films and publishing," said David Wollos, head of business development for TripleTake Media. "Chris Canole has created a universe that blends fantasy and reality like never before. It seems that today's generation is losing the myths enjoyed by previous generations. PEN DRAGON is all about myths and legends, taking fantasy to modern day levels in thrilling and innovative ways. We are excited about introducing PEN DRAGON to the industry."

"I am delighted to join with TripleTake Media in bringing PEN DRAGON to the attention of the film, television and licensing communities, said Canole. While I have received numerous offers for this property. I chose to work with TripleTake because of the company's franchise approach in building brands. David Wollos, Al Lowenheim and David Hamby all bring unique disciplines of production, distribution, licensing and marketing into their company, which enables them to surround their brand-building efforts in the most comprehensive manner possible.

TripleTake Media was formed in 2004 by distribution exec David Wollos, television producer Al Lowenheim and creative exec David Hamby as an entertainment branding company representing content owners and their original properties to the television, film and licensing industries. With offices in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego, TripleTake Media is co-owned by Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Diversified Entertainment Properties, which is parent to a number of successful companies involved in television and film, music, publishing and live tours.

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