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Trioscope Begins Licensing Proprietary ‘Trioscope Platform’ Technology

The suite of production and post-production tools fuses live-action with CG elements to create highly stylized worlds; tech and media exec Greg Mandel joins Board of Advisors as business strategy advisor.

Trioscope has announced the launch of its patented Trioscope Platform to license its proprietary technology to third-party content creators, offering a suite of practical production tools and software that marries human performance with computer-generated (CG) environments. Filmmakers will benefit from the platform’s capability to create stylized final pictures with a broad array of imaginative looks, including graphic novel and painterly imagery.

Trioscope Platform enables creators to leverage cost-effective and faster production operations relative to traditional high-end live-action productions with heavy CG. The tools combine the actors’ performances with unlimited CG elements, including backgrounds, sets, props, costumes, effects, and fully animated characters.

London-based production house Oiffy (The White King and the upcoming The Last Worker) and Poland-based BreakThru Films (Peter & the Wolf and Loving Vincent) are the first to license the Trioscope Platform for use in specific sequences in director Alex Helfrecht’s 2024-slated epic love story A Winter’s Journey. The film stars John Malkovich, Jason Isaacs, Martina Gedeck, and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, with Sony Pictures Classics acquiring it for major territories with mk2 Films handling international sales. In addition, Trioscope Europe is providing CG and VFX services for the project.

Trioscope has tapped media and technology executive Greg Mandel to serve on the Board of Advisors to help develop and guide the platform's business strategy, operations, and expansion plans. Mandel previously served as COO of Technicolor’s global animation division Mikros Animation.

“Our revolutionary technology fuels the unbounded imagination that defines our brand and the vision behind The Liberator and our current projects, Night of the Cooters and Takeover,” said L.C. Crowley, CEO of Trioscope. “Our new platform is designed to put our tools and process in the hands of content creators around the world, bringing their stories to stunning life.”

Added Greg Jonkajtys, co-founder and chief creative officer, “When some of the industry’s most talented filmmakers saw the early results of The Liberator, they recognized that Trioscope could make their ambitious projects possible. We have developed an advanced medium that transcends traditional storytelling and opened a whole new lane for entertainment.”

“Our highly complex continuous shots are designed to fully immerse audiences in living, breathing early 19th-century Romanticist paintings and Schubert’s timeless music,” noted Producer and Oiffy co-founder Jörg Tittel. “The technical challenge is immense, especially on an independent budget. Our collaboration with Trioscope and their tools will allow our artists to spend more time on giving each frame the care and attention it deserves.”

The Trioscope Platform’s proprietary suite of integrated tools includes the following:

  • Scrimshaw, a smart makeup, and prop edge marking system
  • Ether, a practical on-set soundscape syncing system
  • *Tincture, a cell shader and posterization plug-in
  • *vPEN, a 2D/3D particle generation plug-in for textures, brush strokes, halftones, and shading enhancements
  • *Outline, a dynamic edge detection plug-in
  • *TimePainter, a plug-in that allows for variable frame rate calibration

*Currently developed for use with Nuke by Foundry

To develop a global ecosystem that allows for Trioscope-driven productions, the company will accept a limited number of visual effects and animation studios into its Certified Trioscope Platform Network. Filmmakers, producers, visual effects studios, and animation studios interested in more information about Trioscope, licensing the platform, or qualifying for the Certified Trioscope Platform Network should direct all inquiries to or via the website.

Trioscope’s announcement comes on the heels of a successful year for the company, which has seen rapid growth with a recent seed round investment from BITKRAFT, and Sony to further pioneer their hybrid content genre for global audiences. In addition, the company recently expanded its management team, adding animation expert John Evershed as chief strategy officer and appointing former Roblox executive Keith Lucas as an Advisory Board member.

Source: Trioscope

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