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Tricky Pictures creates animation for Nickelodeon's I AM POEM

Chicago, Illinois-based TRICKY PICTURES has produced a 20-second main title animation sequence for Nickelodeon's I AM POEM series. In addition, Belgian director and animator Dirk van de Vondel, represented by Tricky Pictures, was selected from more than 200 candidates to create a visual adaptation of "I Used To Be," one of the 15 poems in the series. Produced by Nickelodeon's Creative Lab to serve as interstitial programming, I AM POEM is a new series of short-form films based on original kids' poetry. The title sequence was produced by Dawn Rubin and co-directed by Tricky Pictures' co-owner Bruce Alcock and independent filmmaker, Ann Marie Fleming. Tricky Pictures' Harriet Katz was exec producer. Alcock, who conceived the main title design, oversaw the production which combines mini-DV (digital video) live-action, stop motion, CGI, paint, wood, plastic, metal, plasticine and other mixed-media. Vondel's sequence, "I Used To Be," is based on Kenseth Armstead's original artwork and designs, and features a blend of hand-drawn charcoal and dry pastel animation, which were later composited in Fractal Painter and Adobe After Effects.