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Training Day Tops Box Office

Once again, box office totals on are the rise buoyed by three new releases this weekend. Leading the pack is the crime-drama TRAINING DAY, with performing pigeons and other visual effects by Cinesite, which opened with $22.6M. The modeling mayhem of ZOOLANDER kept it high on the charts, dropping just two places to finish fourth with $9.5M and $28.3M total. RUSH HOUR 2, with primary visual effects by Cinesite, is in the top ten for its 10th week pulled in $1.7M, raising its cume to $221.5M total. The swashbuckling actioner THE MUSKETEER, with primary visual effects by Das Werk, fell well out of the top ten, sliding 9 spots from last weekend to end up in 18th with just $552,000 for $26.6 after five weeks of release. Two animation features about to be released on DVD are still on the charts. Amazingly, SHREK is still in the top 20 after 21 weeks with a whopping $265.9M to date. DreamWorks is releasing a 2-disc DVD special edition of SHREK on November 2, 2001. Poor OSMOSIS JONES is plugging along in just 82 theaters, coming in at number 64 with just $13.6M total after 9 weeks. Warner Home Video just announced it will release OSMOSIS JONES on VHS and DVD on November 13, 2001. Box office information was obtained from