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Trailer Drops for ‘Nelly Jelly’ Animated Series

NJ World and British creative animation studio 3Megos team on the upcoming preschool comedy fantasy based on the Lithuanian brand and its best-selling book series.

The first official trailer has dropped for Nelly Jelly, an upcoming preschool comedy-fantasy TV series based on the Lithuanian brand and best-selling books.

The trailer gives a quick glimpse into the world of an intelligent, determined, strong little girl who embarks on adventures with her imaginary monster friends, Jim and Jam. The series combines elements of music, fun, surprises, and comedy, making it ideal for family co-viewing, with an emphasis on preschoolers.

The Nelly Jelly world is like any other 6-year-old's, with real friends, pets, family, and typical childhood challenges. She loves to play and explore, but when things go wrong, she creates a call into the monster world, and Jim and Jam suddenly appear. The series educates children with valuable life lessons and problem-solving skills in an entertaining way, while also promoting socially conscious values like diversity and equality.

“To challenge traditional gender stereotypes, our audience will meet Jim, a fluffy pink male monster who is highly analytical and loves books, and Jam, a super-strong green female monster whose main role is to protect Nelly Jelly and spread positive energy wherever she goes,” said Simona Krasauskienė, CEO of NJ World, the management company behind Nelly Jelly and Kakė Makė. “This kind of approach really resonates with the children of the Alpha generation, because they are inclined to support content that reflects their core values.”

The Nelly Jelly animated series is created by the Emmy and BAFTA award-winning animation studio 3Megos, with a co-production team including writers Paul Larson and Laura Beaumont (Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine). The studio producers are led by Mark Vale.

“The partnership we have forged with NJ World is brilliant,” said Martin Lowde, CEO of 3Megos. “A strong team with a genuine focus on great storytelling, and engaging children in genuinely positive and beneficial programming. Plus we are also combining the commercial skills of both partners to ensure we give Nelly Jelly the best start in life.”

Nelly Jelly will be released globally in Fall 2025. The series will have 26 episodes, each lasting 7 minutes.

Check out the official trailer:

Source: NJ World

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