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‘Toy Story 4’ and ‘3Below: Tales of Arcadia’ Win MPSE Golden Reel Awards

Disney/Pixar and DreamWorks Animation sound artists honored at 67th Annual awards ceremony; ‘Lego DC Batman: Family Matters’ and ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ also recognized.

The Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) announced the 2020 MPSE Golden Reel Award winners at their 67th Annual awards ceremony held Sunday, January 19th at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.

Coya Elliott, Ren Klyce, Cheryl Nardi, Kimberly Patrick, Qianbaihui Yang, Jonathon Stevens, Thom Brennan, James Spencer, John Roesch and Shelley Roden were all honored with a Feature – Animation Golden Reel Award for their work on Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4.

Otis Van Osten, James Miller, Jason Oliver, Carlos Sanches, Aran Tanchum, Vincent Guisetti, and Tommy Sarioglou were all honored with an Animation Short Form Golden Reel Award for their work on DreamWorks Animation’s 3Below: Tales from Arcadia.  

The MPSE Golden Reel Awards recognize outstanding achievement in sound editing in 23 categories encompassing feature films, television, animation, computer entertainment and student work. This year, the MPSE also honored Marvel Studios’ executive vice president of production Victoria Alonso with the 2020 Filmmaker Award.

Key animation-specific nominees and winners are listed below; for the complete list, including VFX-driven features, episodic and game categories, visit the MPSE website.  

Feature - Animation

Toy Story 4

Supervising Sound Editor: Coya Elliott
Sound Designer: Ren Klyce
Supervising Dialogue Editor: Cheryl Nardi
Sound Effects Editors: Kimberly Patrick, Qianbaihui Yang, Jonathon Stevens
Foley Editors: Thom Brennan, James Spencer
Foley Artists:  John Roesch, MPSE, Shelley Roden, MPSE

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Supervising Sound Editors:  Brian Chumney, Leff Lefferts
Supervising Sound Designer: Randy Thom
Sound Designers:  Al Nelson, Rick Hromadka
Sound Effects Editors: Jon Borland, Malcolm Fife
Foley Editor: Dee Selby
Foley Artists: Jana Vance, Geoff Vaughan

Frozen II

Supervising Sound Editor: Odin Benitez, MPSE
Sound Designers:  Jeff A. Sawyer, Stephen Robinson, MPSE Angelo Palazzo, Eliot Connors, MPSE
Supervising Dialogue Editor: Harrison Meyle, MPSE
Sound Effects Editors: Russell Topal
Supervising Foley Editor:  Christopher Bonis
Supervising Music Editor: Earl Ghaffari
Music Editors: Fernand Bos, Kendall Demarest
Foley Artists: John Roesch, MPSE, Shelley Roden, MPSE
Foley Editor: Scott Curtis

Missing Link

Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Chau, MPSE
Sound Designers: Clayton Weber, MPSE, Tim Chau, MPSE
Sound Effects Editors: Thomas O’Neil Younkman, Terry Rodman,MPSE, Jessie Pariseau
Dialogue Editor: Fred Paragano
Foley Editor: Travis Crotts
Foley Artists: Catherine Harper, MPSE, Katherine Rose,MPSE, Amy Kane


Supervising Sound Editors:  Ethan Van der Ryn, Erik Aadahl, MPSE
Sound Designers: Rick Hromadka, Malte Bieler
Sound Effects Editors: Jason W. Jennings, Tim Walston, MPSE, Goeun Lee

The Lion King

Supervising Sound Editors: Christopher Boyes, Frank Eulner
Sound Designer: Christopher Boyes
Sound Effects Editors: Justin Doyle, Pascal Garneau
Dialogue Editor: Marshall Winn
Foley Editor: Dee Selby
Foley Artists: Jana Vance, Ronni Brown

White Snake

Supervising Sound Editor: Gary Chen
Sound Effects Editors: Shuangshuang Wang, Mei He, Irene Sun, Sam Fan, Emily Ding, Silence Lu
Dialogue Editor: Emily Ding
ADR Editor: Sandra Sun
Foley Artists: Ziwei Wang, Yin Miao
Foley Editors: Sandra Sun, Mei He

Spies in Disguise

Supervising Sound Editors:  Leff Lefferts, Jeremy Bowker
Sound Designer: Randy Thom
Supervising ADR Editor: Bjorn Ole Schroeder
Sound Effects Editors: Samson Neslund, David Farmer
Dialogue Editor: Michael Silvers
Foley Editors: Larry Oatfield, Chris Manning
Foley Artists: Shelly Roden,MPSE, John Roesch, MPSE

Animation Short Form

3Below: Tales of Arcadia

Supervising Sound Editor: Otis Van Osten
Sound Designer: James Miller
Dialogue Editors: Jason Oliver, Carlos Sanches
Foley Artists: Aran Tanchum, Vincent Guisetti
Foley Editor: Tommy Sarioglou

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle “Amazamoose and Squirrel Wonder: Chapter Five”

Supervising Sound Editors: Rob McIntyre, Devon Bowman
Sound Designer: Lawrence Reyes
Dialogue Editor: Kerry Iverson-Brody
Sound Effects Editor: Peter Munters
Foley Artist: Monique Reymond 
Foley Editors: Roberto D. Alegria, Ezra Walker

Overwatch: Sigma “Origin Story”

Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Menichini, MPSE
Sound Designer: Brian Johnson, Chris De La Pena
Dialogue Editor: Christopher Cody Flick, MPSE, Isaac Hammons
Sound Effects Editors: Christopher Battaglia, MPSE, John Thomas, Lawrence Peacock, Gary Summers
Supervising Music Editor: Derek Duke
Music Editors: Mark Petrie, Jake Lefkowitz

Love, Death & Robots “The Secret War”

Supervising Sound Editor: Bradley North
Sound Designer: Craig Henighan
Sound Effects Editors: Jordan Wilby, Troy Prehmus
Dialogue Editor: Bradley North
Music Editor: Jeff Charbonneau
Foley Artists: Alicia Stevenson, Dawn Lunsford

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “The Evil League of Mutants, Part 1&2”

Supervising Sound Editor: Jeff Shiffman, MPSE
Sound Effects Editors: Jessey Drake, MPSE, Carol Ma
Dialogue Editor: John Deligiannis

Star Wars: Resistance “The Voxx Vortex 5000”

Supervising Sound Editors: David Acord, Matthew Wood
Sound Effects Editors: David Collins
Foley Supervisor: Frank Rinella
Foley Artists: Andrea Gard
Foley Editor: Frank Rinella

DC Showcase Sgt. Rock

Sound Designer: Robert Hargreaves, MPSE
Supervising ADR Editor: Mark Keatts
Dialogue Editor: Mike Garcia, MPSE
ADR Editor: Kelly Foley-Downs

Non-Theatrical Animation

Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

Supervising Sound Editor:  Kate Finan, MPSE, Jeff Shiffman, MPSE
Dialogue Editor:  Johnathan Hylander
Sound Effects Editors: Jessey Drake, MPSE, Tess Fournier, MPSE, Ben Gieschen, Mitchell Lestner, Greg Rubin

Batman: Hush 

Supervising Sound Editor:  Rob McIntyre, D.J. Lynch
Sound Designer:  Evan Dockter  
Sound Effects Editors: Lawrence Reyes, Derek Swanson
Foley Editor:  Aran Tanchum, Alfredo Douglas 
Foley Artists: Vincent Guisetti 

Lego DC Batman: Family Matters

Supervising Sound Editor: Rob McIntyre, D.J. Lynch
Sound Designer: Lawrence Reyes 
Sound Effects Editors: Ezra Walker
ADR Editor: George Peters 
Foley Editor: Aran Tanchum, Derek Swanson
Foley Artists:  Vincent Guisetti 

Reign of the Supermen

Supervising Sound Editor:  Rob McIntyre, D.J. Lynch
Sound Designer:  Evan Dockter  
Sound Effects Editors: Ezra Walker 
Foley Editor:  Aran Tanchum, Alfredo Douglas 
Foley Artists: Vincent Guisetti 


Supervising Sound Editor:  Jeff Shiffman, MPSE 
Dialogue Editor:  Michael Wessner
Sound Effects Editors: Tess Fournier, MPSE, Brad Meyer, MPSE 
Foley Editor: Carol Ma 

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Supervising Sound Editor:  Rob McIntyre, D.J. Lynch
Sound Designer:  Evan Dockter 
Sound Effects Editors: Ezra Walker  
Foley Editor: Aran Tanchum, Alfredo Douglas 
Foley Artists: Vincent Guisetti

Batman vs Teenage Mutant Turtles

Supervising Sound Editor:  Jeff Shiffman, MPSE
Dialogue Editor:  Kelly Foley Downs, Patrick J. Foley, Michael Garcia
Sound Effects Editors: Jessey Drake, MPSE, Mitchell Lestner, Kevin Hart
Supervising ADR Editor: Mark A. Keatts
Foley Editor: Tess Fournier, MPSE  

Computer Interactive Game Play

Gears 5

Audio Directors:  John Morgan, Crispin Hands
Sound Designers:  Frank Faugno, Samuel Justice, MPSE
Supervising Sound Editors:  Charles Deenen,MPSE, Csaba Wagner
Sound Effects Editors: Braden Parkes, Graham Donnelly, Nick Martin
Foley Editor: Logan Wall 

Death Stranding

Supervising Music Editor: Peter Scaturro 
Sound Designer: Jacob Allston, Jeff Darby, Rob Castro, Andres Herrera, Aaron Sanchez, Casey Slocum, Maria J Rascon
Dialogue Lead: Jodie Kupsco
Dialogue Editors: Dedrick Sarzaba, Ryan Schaad
Audio Director: Ludvig Forrsell
Audio Lead: Mike Niederquell
Music Editor: Bill Hemstapat

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Audio Director: Stephen Miller
Supervising Sound Editor: Dave Rowe
Supervising Sound Designer: Charles Deenen, MPSE Csaba Wagner
Principal Sound Designer: Stuart Provine
Sound Designers: Bryan Watkins, Mark Ganus, Eddie Pacheco, Darren Blondin
Dialogue Lead: Dave Natale
Dialogue Editors: Chrissy Arya, Michael Krystek
Sound Editors: Braden Parkes, Nick Martin, Tim Walston,MPSE, Brent Burge, Alex Ephraim,MPSE, Samuel Justice, MPSE
Music Editors: Adam Kallibjian, Ernest Johnson, Tao-Ping Chen, James Zolyak, Sonia Coronado, Nick Mastroianni, Chris Rossetti
Foley Artists: Gary Hecker, MPSE, Rick Owens, MPSE

Mortal Kombat 11

Supervising Sound Editor: Samuel Justice, MPSE
Sound Designers: Graham Donnelly, Csaba Wagner, Jay Jennings, David Farmer, MPSE Eilam Hoffman
Supervising Dialogue Editor: Joe Hudson
Sound Editors: Byron Bullock, Michael Leaning, Michael Schiparo, Jesse Garcia, Bob Kellough,MPSE, Braden Parkes
Foley Editor: Rustam Gimadiyev

World of Warcraft: Reckoning

Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Menichini, MPSE
Sound Designer: Brian Johnson
InGame Audio Lead: Dave Rovin
Audio Lead: Caroline Hernandez, MPSE
Sound Editors: Christopher Battaglia, MPSE, Isaac Hammons, Christopher Cody Flick, MPSE, Lawrence Peacock, John Thomas, Gary Summers
Supervising Music Editor: Derek Duke
Music Editors: Neal Acree, John Kurlander
Foley Artists: Gregg Barbanell , MPSE

Final Fantasy XIV - Shadowbringers

Supervising Sound Editors: Scott Martin Gershin, MPSE, Masanobu Tomita
Audio Producer: Debbie Gonzalez
Audio Director: Masayoshi Soken
Sound Designer: Jesse Garcia, Yousuke Nakashima
Sound Editors: Dylan Levitt
Foley Artists: Alica Stevenson, Dawn Lunford

Source: Motion Picture Sound Editors