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Toy Story 2 DVD Has High Fidelity Cursing

Walt Disney is recalling copies of the new TOY STORY 2 DVD because it contains footage from Touchstone's R-rated HIGH FIDELITY. Costco stores received copies of the TOY STORY 2 DVD three-pack, which featured an F-word filled clip from FIDELITY in the middle of the movie. The glitch only effects the TOY STORY three-pack in less than 1% of the discs. "We are confident that the defective product has been isolated and removed from store shelves," Disney said in a statement. Disney's Buena Vista Home Entertainment blames the problem on the studio's DVD manufacturer, Technicolor Videocassettes, Inc. This isn't the first mistake from Technicolor, which shipped PINOCCHIO DVDs with DreamWorks' animated PRINCE OF EGYPT on the discs.

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