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TOPIX/Mad Dog Lights Up For Boots Lights Cigarettes

TOPIX/Mad Dog completed the 3D animation for a pair of 10-second spots for Boots Lights Cigarettes entitled "Striptease" and "Mirilla." In "Striptease," a crowd of lighters eagerly await the arrival of the main attraction - the new Boots Lights cigarette packaging. The old package shimmies out of its wrapper and the crowd goes wild when the new packaging makes its debut. In "Mirilla," cigarettes get restless in their old package and wrestle to be the first to get into their new packaging. T/MD Senior Producer Diana D'Amelio said, "The Boots Lights new cigarette package is the object of desire, the love interest, if you will, in this commercial campaign. The characters: lighters and cigarettes are photo-realistic character animation with distinct personalities, reflecting human emotions including desire and excitement." The T/MD team completed the commercials in Softimage and utilized Sapphire Sparks in inferno* to achieve the metal look with a glow. The commercial was produced for advertising agency Grey Mexico.

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