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Toonz Media Group, Sharmaji Productions Unveil ‘Uma and Devan Namaste!’

The first preschool series about an Indian family in America centers on an Indian brother and sister navigating growing up in a new country.

TRIVANDRUM, India -- Toonz Media Group has partnered with New York-based Sharmaji Productions to produce a full season of Uma and Devan Namaste!, an animated children’s series that is the first of its kind. Targeting preschoolers, the show explores the daily lives of Indian-American siblings, Uma (age 5) and Devan (almost age 4), as they balance growing up in the U.S. while staying true to their Indian heritage.

“Namaste,” a respectful greeting meaning “I bow to you,” conveys a message that recognizes and emphasizes the good in each individual – a central focus of the series. As the siblings steer through their multi-cultural world learning, playing, and overcoming obstacles, the viewer sees the wonders of childhood through the kids’ eyes. Each episode highlights important lessons that are universal to any culture, while incorporating aspects of Indian culture to help the children better understand themselves and the world around them.

“For Toonz, it is of utmost importance to find creative and philosophical synergies with our partners, and we found it in Sharmaji Productions,” said Toonz Media Group CEO P. Jayakumar. “Uma and Devan Namaste! is an amazing series which will connect well with kids across the world. We have great hopes for the show and this wonderful collaboration.”

Uma and Devan Namaste! encourages cultural diversity and teamwork at an especially critical time for our young ones. Often times, the series finds Uma and Devan experiencing the unique cultures of their friends, only to have them learn to respect, admire, and celebrate all of the diversity that they are exposed to as Americans.

The siblings’ adventures are always with the help of their beloved family members and friends, including first-generation immigrant grandparents, Dadi and Dadu, their loving and supportive U.S.-born parents, and Mamu, their eccentric uncle. The series goes on to find Uma and Devan in various situations, such as making Rangoli, playing cricket, practicing yoga, baking roti, and celebrating Holi.

Source: Toonz Media Group