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Toonz Media and SMF Studio to Co-Produce ‘Aliens in My Backpack’

Studios enter strategic partnership to produce, distribute, and license a new CGI series that follows a family of aliens who share their ecological secrets to help make earth a greener planet.

Russian production company, SMF (Soyuzmultfilm) Studio, has entered a strategic partnership with Toonz Media Group to co-produce a brand-new animation series, Aliens in My Backpack. The new series comes from creators Rob Lee and James Driscoll, known for the worldwide franchise, Fireman Sam, and the award-winning animated children’s cartoon series The Shoe People.

The new CGI series brings to life a family of aliens from a distant ecologically perfect planet; their mission is to share their secrets with earth to help make a greener world. Production of the 52x11 show will start late in 2020 with the first episode available to show potential media and broadcast partners by mid/late 2021.

Toonz and SoyuzmultFilm Studios will co-produce the series. They will also share in the distribution, licensing, and merchandising of the property. The deal was negotiated by former Disney executive and EVP at Toonz Media Group, Paul Robinson.

“Partnering with Toonz is a significant milestone for SMF Studio growth, as one of our strategic goals is to establish our company in the international market,” commented SMF chairman of the board, Yuliana Slascheva. “Both our companies have powerful creative potential and Toonz has an undoubted experience in the global promotion of content. The defining reasons for this partnership are, of course, the values that the animated series introduces to the audience: animation is the best way to convey to children complicated issues in a simple language.”

“We are delighted to partner with a studio of such deep heritage as SoyuzmultFilm,” added Toonz Media Group CEO P. Jayakumar. “For Toonz this is a very exciting project as it upholds the universal value of environment conservation, which would appeal to kids and families across the world.”

Source: Toonz Media Group