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Toonbox Partnering with Rovio on Licensing Program for ‘Kit^n^Kate’

 ‘Angry Birds’ creator takes on new IP for consumer products business as Toonbox plans 72 new episodes of animated preschool series.

Toonbox Animation is partnering with Rovio Entertainment to create a comprehensive consumer products licensing program for Kit^n^Kate. Toonbox’s educational short-form animated series for preschoolers. Kit^n^Kate, which airs terrestrially and on Rovio’s own ToonsTV VOD platform, has also been extended for two full seasons, or 72 additional episodes -- which makes 104 episodes in total that will be available by the end of 2018.

In addition to showing Kit^n^Kate on ToonsTV, since last March, Rovio has acted as the property’s master publishing licensee through Rovio’s book publishing arm Kaiken Publishing. As part of a deepening cooperation with Toonbox, Rovio will now also act as Kit^n^Kate’s master licensee globally (excepting Russia and China) across a wide range of consumer product categories, including clothing and toys, and develop a licensing program that builds on and enhances the highly imaginative Kit^n^Kate storyworld.

Kit^n^Kate will be the first IP outside of the Angry Birds universe in Rovio’s consumer products portfolio.

“Through Kaiken Publishing and ToonsTV, we have already gained valuable experience working with the Kit^n^Kate brand, and it was the logical next step to expand our cooperation with Toonbox to consumer products licensing,” says Alex Lambeek, Rovio’s Chief Commercial Officer. “The Kit^n^Kate series has steadily built up a loyal fanbase around the world, and we see healthy demand for high-quality, meaningful products that can contribute to Kit^n^Kate’s playful, teaching mission.”

Kit^n^Kate has a timeless quality and -- as we have seen with the show’s performance on ToonsTV and other digital and terrestrial broadcasts -- proven appeal in many different countries,” says Pavel Muntyan, CEO of Toonbox Animation. “We felt that Rovio, with its franchising expertise, long-term outlook and global network, was a natural partner to work with as we commit to raising the profile of the franchise and building a new fixture of children’s television.”

In the animated series Kit^n^Kate, the two small eponymous kittens love their toy box. As soon as they hop inside, magic happens: Imagination transforms their room into a blueberry island, racetrack or a medieval castle. Every time, the kitties create a whole new world with amazing discoveries, surprises and not-so-easy-to-solve dilemmas.

The creative team behind Kit^n^Kate brings together accomplished veterans of animation and entertainment such as Mike de Seve (Angry Birds Toons, Kablam!, Over the Hedge), Susan Kim (Pocoyo, Arthur, Are You Afraid of the Dark?), Jymn Magon (Duck Tales, Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Quack Pack, A Goofy Movie) and Michael Mennies (The Fixies, Kikoriki).

Distributed by Ankama Group, Kit^n^Kate airs terrestrially in Russia, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Middle East, the Netherlands, Finland and Portugal, with more European markets coming soon. The show also airs worldwide via Rovio’s ToonsTV VOD platform. ToonsTV is available as a standalone app on smartphones and tablets, on various smart TV systems including Apple TV, and as an in-game channel in Rovio’s games.

Source: Rovio Entertainment