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Toon In: Web Animation Guide For Friday, August 18, 2000

Toon In is AWN's guide to what's new on the Net. This week's installment features new shorts from Stan Lee Media and Aardman Animations and much, much more.

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Every week AWN's associate editor Rick DeMott highlights what he thinks is the top new toon in cyberspace in "Rick's Picks!"

Rick's Pick For Friday, August 18, 2000!

Dotcomixs BIRTHDAY PARTY -- I watch it every week and it never ceases to make me laugh out loud. A little back-story is needed the Smile Time Puppet Show follows the exploits of a small time childrens birthday party show and features Mr. Tinkles who recently fired his long-time partner Mr. Binkles. In the two most recent Webisodes, Mr. Tinkles has been trying to find a new partner. This weeks installment adds Mr. Slinkles to the Smile Time cast and unbeknownst to Mr. Tinkles, Slinkles isnt all right in the head. This new toon in the very consistent BIRTHDAY series is a parody of the movie SLING BLADE and hits all the marks perfectly. Who would have thought that pop-culture satire would fit so well in the framework of a childrens birthday puppet show? Check out the archives because unlike many other Webtoons that make you laugh once in awhile, BIRTHDAY PARTY delivers week in and week out.

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Rick DeMott
Animation World Network
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