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Toon Boom Releases Storyboard Pro 4

Toon Boom announces the release of Storyboard Pro 4 for live action, gaming, and animation studios.

Montreal, Canada -- Toon Boom Animation Inc. announced the release of Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 4. After receiving a 2012 Primetime Emmy Engineering Award, Storyboard Pro has leaped forward with a new version that efficiently and elegantly caters to live action, gaming, and animation studios alike.

Now in 64 bit, Storyboard Pro 4 offers the ability to draw directly in the software using bitmap drawing tools. In addition to its time-proven vector tools, Storyboard Pro 4 enables users to draw with different styles and textures for full artistic freedom.

“Storyboard Pro is considered one of the most innovative technologies and enables studios and professionals to keep pre-production under the same roof, resulting in local job creation” says Joan Vogelesang, president and chief executive officer of Toon Boom.

Storyboard Pro 4 highlights:

  • Bitmap Drawing Tools allow users to draw with different styles and textures for full artistic freedom.
  • 64-bit gives users the freedom to use more of the computer’s resources, and allowing the use of the new bitmap technology.
  • Playback Enhancements ensure a smooth playback through panels.
  • Sequences allow users to organize projects into four divisions: Acts, Sequences, Scenes, and Panels.
  • Integrated 3D Technology enables users to work in a 3D space, import 3D models, and export to FBX.
  • Collaboration tools allow multiple users to work on a project simultaneously.

Source: Toon Boom Animation Inc.

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