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Toon Boom Releases New Version of Harmony

Toon Boom Animation releases the latest version of Toon Boom Harmony.

Emmy Award-winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. announced the release of a new version of Toon Boom Harmony in its standalone version for small businesses, as well as its network version. Recognized as the industry standard for animation, special effects, and 2D/3D mix, Harmony now offers additional powerful and impressive new special effects, making its compositing engine the most advanced in the market within a complete animation software.

Impressive New Special Effects:

Advanced Blurs

Take advantage of the wide array of Blur Tools, including new Gaussian and Box blurs, Rotational blur, Zoom blur, and Spiral blur. 

Achieve effects such as blur around a circle, which is similar to blurring a rotating merry-go-round. With Zoom blur, you can blur towards a central point, like when a character is running towards a camera.  And Spiral blur gives the effect of water draining down a drain.

Lens Flare

Take advantage of the Lens Flare to create lens flares with up to 10 flares.  Adjust the hotspot, angle, and spread, and animate these values over time for cool effects.


Use the Turbulence effect to modify a drawing and break it apart. Create interesting effects like making a drawing disintegrate or explode. Create vibrating lines, heat waves coming off a road, or ripples on water. Break up the lines to look like crayon or other paper effects.  

Turbulence Noise

Play around with Turbulence Noise to create new effects like lighting or sun rays. Make your drawing look like an overexposed photograph. Experiment with creating walls of fire, smoke, mist, or clouds.

Colour Effects

Use the Channel Swap effect to extract red, green, blue, and alpha values and use the channels to make adjustments. Use the new Hue-Saturation effect to perform colour correction or colourize the drawing to get looks like sepia tones.

Harmony 10.3 also delivers many other improvements, such as navigation in the Network view, Expression column, scripting, and SDK improvements.

"You know that moment when you've just done something beyond what you thought possible and you ask yourself “..whoa, did I just do that?” Harmony 10.3 is full of those. I can say without exaggeration that the new effects are astonishing. The new colour adjustments, zoom and spin blurs and mind-blowing turbulence open up possibilities previously inaccessible to the average 2D effects animator," shared Adam Phillips,

Video tutorials developed by Adam Phillips are available online in Toon Boom Harmony’s Resources section.

Harmony Stand Alone runs on Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8, and Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit). For the network version Harmony, refer to the Tech Specs online.

Source: Toon Boom Animation Inc.

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