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Toon Boom Animation Releases Storyboard Pro 5

New release provides new creative tools for artists, better 3D and editorial workflow integration.

MONTREAL -- Toon Boom Animation Inc. announced the release of Storyboard Pro 5. This new release streamlines the pre-production and storyboarding process with new creative tools for artists, adds improvements to the 3D workflow, and provides better integration with editorial. Storyboard Pro 5 has also been improved in order to enable pre-production pipelines for CG, live action and games cinematics.

“The features in Storyboard Pro 5 provide users a new opportunity to increase pipeline efficiency along with creative output,” said Francisco Del Cueto, CTO at Toon Boom Animation. “Both studios and artists benefit from the blend of new creative tools and new technical capabilities in a solution that can handle any project regardless of production constraints.”

“As an artist and filmmaker, the rubber hits the road when I’m working with many departments at once. Storyboard Pro enables me to do my artistic work and deliver the visual story,” said Matthew Taylor, Independent Storyboard Artist.

New Features in Storyboard Pro 5

  • 3D Workflow Enhancements - Provide better integration between 2D and 3D with the ability to snap 3D models to surfaces, create layers on models, import Collada and Alembic files and work with a more responsive 3D camera.
  • Customizable Brush Tips - Allow artists to change the roundness, hardness, and angle of tips as well as add randomness.
  • Layer Grouping - Makes it easier to organize and share content for an even more fluid creative development process and exchange between artists.
  • Qt Application Scripting - Lets you create tools and scripts to automate manual tasks. Several example scripts are available to get you started.
  • Support for 23.976 NDF Timecode - Enables the seamless transfer of animatics from Storyboard Pro to the editing suite.

“With Storyboard Pro 5, we are focused on streamlining story development for all types of users,” said Marc-Andre Bouvier-Pelletier, Product Manager at Toon Boom Animation. “Storyboard 5 enables artists to develop impressive storyboards faster than ever before.”

Storyboard Pro 5 is now available for as low as $38 per month on a yearly subscription or $999 for a perpetual license. A full breakdown of pricing can be found here.

Source: Toon Boom Animation Inc.

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