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Tomb Raider Leaps To #1, Atlantis Takes #2

Paramount Pictures TOMB RAIDER leaped into #1 in this weekends box office, taking in an estimated $48.2 million. Disneys ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE debuted at #2, with a respectable, if not spectacular $20.4 million. DreamWorks' CG film, SHREK, continued to post solid numbers, moving down only one notch to #3 with $12.9 million, bringing its five week cumulative to $197.2 million. Warner Bros.' SWORDFISH dropped to the #4 spot with $12.15 million, bringing its two week cumulative to $39.21. Buena Vista's PEARL HARBOR lost its #1position, dropping to fifth place with $9.5 million, bringing its four week total to $160 million. DreamWorks' special effects comedy, EVOLUTION, dropped two spots to #6 with $6.5 million, brining its two week cumulative to $25.4 million. THE ANIMAL made another $5.7 million, down to #7 from #5 with a cumulative total of $45.37 million. The visually stylized MOULIN ROUGE came in eigth with $5.18 million, $36.77 million cumulative. Universal's THE MUMMY RETURNS took in another $2.4 million but dropped another two spots to #10 with a cumulative total of $193.2 million. Box office figures were obtained at

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