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Tokyopop Brings Marmalade Boy And Brigadoon To DVD

TokyoPop, an international distributor of character-based entertainment, has acquired the rights to the Japanese TV series' MARMALADE BOY and BRIGADOON. Both shows will be available on DVD in the U.S. in summer 2002. BRIGADOON is a comedy sci-fi series animated by Japanese animation studio Sunrise, which is responsible for animating the series' GUNDAM WING, COWBOY BEBOP and OUTLAW STAR. MARMALADE BOY tells the story of teenage girl Miki, whose dysfunctional family gets her caught up in strange love triangles and situations. The DVD series will begin with an initial 24 episodes as well as bonus features and the half-hour movie prequel to the series. TokyoPop will also launch the MARMALADE BOY manga series beginning in April 2002.