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Toei Debuts New One Piece Film at Locarno

Press Release from Toei Animation Co. Ltd

TOKYO (July 28, 2009) -- Toei Animation Co., Ltd has set this year's Locarno International Film Festival to reveal the trailer of the 10th anniversary film ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD. The festival will take place from August 5-15 in Locarno, Switzerland. ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD as well as the 9th Film of ONE PIECE THE MOVIE, THE EPISODE OF CHOPPER are scheduled to screen on August 7 at 10:00PM.

The 10th anniversary film ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD is a special edition based on Toei Animation's mega hit TV animated series ONE PIECE. The film will debut in Japan on December 12, 2009. Toei Animation has released a feature film based on the popular property every year since 2000. The widely popular TV animated series, ONE PIECE, has been broadcasting in Japan since 1999 and as of today, 410 episodes of the series have been aired. This series has also aired worldwide.

In addition to the screening, the Locarno Festival will be showcasing a Japanese Animation and Manga exhibition called "Manga Impact" of which Toei Animation will be participating. Toei will have a section dedicated to the ONE PIECE franchise with posters, production artwork, etc.

Throughout its sixty year history, the Locarno Film Festival has brought together the public, professionals and young creative talent from around the globe to celebrate the world of auteur, cotemporary cinema.

About ONE PIECEONE PIECE is a story of a time when pirates ruled the seas. With several bands of pirates battling over the great hidden treasure called "One Piece" which was left by the legendary pirate king, Gold Roger. One day, Monkey D. Luffy -- a young boy who admired pirates - mistakenly ate Cursed Fruit turning himself into a rubber man. Ten years later Luffy set out to sea to become King of the Pirates and launch his own quest to discover "One Piece."