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Toei Animation Launches New Online Downloads For Hit Animated Series

Toei Animation Co. Ltd. and Toei Animation Inc. will debut their two most popular animated series, DIGIMON ADVENTURE 02 and PRETTY CURE online this July. Each series will be available for download on's Direct2Drive section.

SLAM DUNK and FIST OF THE NORTH STAR were the first titles to premiere online last month as a result of this new initiative. Other animated titles from Toei's extensive catalogue will roll out later this year.

DIGIMON ADVENTURE 02The second season of Toei Animation's mega-hit animated series follows the adventures Daisuke Motomiya and his friends as they battle the evil Digimon Kaiser who is out for domination in the Digital World. The powers of Digimon Kaiser prevent other Digimon from Digivolving, causing a big scare. In this pinch a new generation of Digimon hero arrives. Daisuke and his partner Veemon join forces with their friends to go save the Digital World from the Digimon Kaiser.

PRETTY CURENagisa and Honoka are both eighth graders at the Verone Junior High School for girls. The girls both encounter Mepple and Mipple -- two mysterious creatures who came down from the sky one night. Mepple and Mipple have fled from their homeland -- the Field of Light -- in order to escape an attack by the evil force of Dotsuku Zone. These two strange creatures grant Nagisa and Honoka the power to transform into superheroes called "Cure Black" and Cure White" and thus the two girl become guardians of Earth. Will they be able to save our planet from the evil Dotsuku Zone?

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