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TMS Entertainment Drops ‘Lupin Zero’ Official Trailer

The newly announced series dives into the youthful days of the world’s greatest thief, Lupin III; premiering at the Anime NYC convention in November, it streams on HIDIVE in the U.S. this December.

TMS Entertainment has announced Lupin Zero, sharing an official trailer and image for the anime spin-off series, which depicts the youthful days of the world’s greatest thief, Lupin III. The show premieres November 18 at the Anime NYC convention before its December 16 release on HIDIVE, where it will stream in the U.S.

Since the initial serialization of Monkey Punch’s globally renowned “LUPIN THE 3rd” manga in 1967, Lupin III has appeared in various media. In Lupin Zero, the world’s greatest thief is seen in a world where he is young and inexperienced. Loosely based on Young Lupin III from the original manga, the series “tells a nostalgic, yet new original story, lifting the veil cast upon Lupin III’s humble beginnings.”

Set during the era it was published, the series (30x6) depicts a young, nameless Lupin III running around the streets of 1960s Japan during the country’s economic boom. A young boy climbs the staircase to villainhood. What was he thinking, and what steps did he take? This is the untold origin story of the world’s greatest thief.

“We wanted to depict Lupin III’s younger days, as they had never been animated before,” said producer Koji Nozaki. “We based him off the Young Lupin III from Monkey Punch’s original manga.”

Reflecting on the story’s setting, director Daisuke Sakou noted, “Though Lupin’s age and nationality are a mystery, it doesn’t change the fact that he was once a kid. Lupin III first appeared in the anime in 1971 on the Hida Speedway. If we turn back time from that era, it’s safe to assume that Lupin would have been a kid in the 1960s in Japan. We wanted to encapsulate the vibe of the era and provide fans with a glimpse into his past — although an adult Lupin III would likely detest his past being seen.”

Concerning the series theme, Sakou added, “While adult Lupin makes his living as a thief, as a 13-year-old, he would have been a middle schooler. Though he comes from a family of thieves, he has yet to take over the family profession. Knowing his personality, it is also unclear if Lupin III would even succeed the family profession just because he was told. He’s at the age where being told what to do is annoying, but he won’t be young forever. In this story, Young Lupin will decide what he wants to do for himself.”

Watch the trailer:

The animation is by Telecom Animation Film Co., Ltd. and will feature a retro style circa Japan 1967. The show’s music is by Yoshihide Otomo (Ama Chan, INU-OH), with arrangements of Takeo Yamashita’s musical works from LUPIN THE 3rd PART 1. The character design is by Asami Taguchi. Ichirou Shirato is the series supervisor.

Source: TMS Entertainment

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