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Tinman Creative Studios Launches in Toronto

Morghan Fortier has teamed up with Brett Jubinville to launch their new animation studio, Tinman Creative.

Press release from Tinman Creative Studios:

Toronto, Ontario

-- Morghan Fortier (Gemini Award-Winning Bossy Type) has teamed up with Brett Jubinville, (Infamously Eclectic Cartoon Doodler), to launch their new animation studio, Tinman Creative.

Located in downtown Toronto, Tinman, at its heart, is a boutique studio that expands and contracts according to each individual project’s needs. “It gives us the greatest versatility and flexibility to work on a variety of projects, which is important in an industry where the creative so often drives production,” states Fortier. According to Jubinville, “This dynamic allows us to build our toolkit specifically for each project. Everything from our crew to the software we use is custom-built to support the style of the creative.”

Versatility is the foundation that Tinman has been built upon. Jubinville always has Fortier guessing: “Brett’s work is so diversified; I never know what the designs are going to look like on a new project.”

“I started out doing a lot of small development jobs for companies like Nelvana and Studio B. I never had the luxury of relying on one particular style. However, the one thing I do try and make sure is that all the designs I come up with can be easily integrated into a pipeline,” Jubinville says. “There’s nothing worse than a beautiful design that’s impossible to animate.”

The results have paid off. So far the industry response to the demo reel and portfolio has been greater than Brett and Morghan expected. “Our goal is to bring great designs and characters to life. I think we’re heading in the right direction,” Morghan says.

Brett Jubinville has been in the animation industry for the past 10 years. His credits include Lead Character Designer (The Future is Wild), Animation Director (Dirtgirlworld), Segment Director (Sesame Street) and Technical Director (Ugly Americans).

Morghan Fortier has been in the animation industry for the past 15 years. She has produced numerous television series such as JoJo's Circus (Playhouse Disney), Celebrity Deathmatch (The Comedy Network), Rick & Steve (LOGO/Teletoon), Dirtgirlworld (CBC/BBC/ABC/PBS) and Ugly Americans (Comedy Central), as well as a variety of commercials and broadcast design projects.

The studio focuses on design and pre-production, and offers full animation production and pipeline development. See more Tinman at, and for further information contact Morghan at

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