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Timber Adds a Splash of VFX Magic to Olivia Holt's New ‘Phoenix’ Music Video

Overseen by creative directors Jonah Hall and Kevin Lau, Timber's team of artists provides editorial, design, animation and visual effects to new visual piece directed by Partizan's Grady Hall.

SANTA MONICA, CATimber provided editorial, design, animation and visual effects for Olivia Holt’s latest music video, “Phoenix.” Directed by Partizan’s Grady Hall and led by creative directors Jonah Hall and Kevin Lau, Timber's team of artists collaborated closely to create the colorful, unique style.

"Working with Grady again on a big visual piece was something we were very excited about," explained Timber's CD/Partner Jonah Hall. "We all have a long history together, so it was fun to get the band back together. His ideas for the video were really fun and fresh, and we were really happy that Olivia was as excited about them as we were."

According to Timber's Hall, Olivia's notes were great and her patience with the process was really helpful particularly during the design phase.

"Sometimes you go into a project that has a lot of post, visual effects and design; and you know exactly what goes where and what it will look like," Hall continued. "This project was fun because the design exploration allowed for unique, in-frame design work."

Timber got started building looks and designs with the concept that different "Phoenix" players in the video should have their own signature styles.

"Some looked tactile and physical, some were looser illustrations, some were something different altogether," detailed Hall. "Nobody was getting style-fatigue looking at this film because we changed it up from scene to scene. We built so many types of imagery that we could move things around from shot to shot."

"Our cel animators, VFX team and compositors all enjoyed working closely together," concluded Timber's CD/Partner Kevin Lau. "Most of the time, their disciplines are isolated from one another, but this time they got to work together. Studios like Timber always benefit when different types of artists team up on projects and learn from one another."

Source: Timber