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Threshold must destroy Pokemon, a leading on-line entertainment network for brandedentertainment, has announced the premiere of its newest show, POKEMON MUST BEDESTROYED. Daily, the series will feature a new POKEMON character beingdestroyed in a delightfully merciless way. Web-surfers and haters of the"pocket things" will be able to vote on the next day's method of destruction. After thecomplete genocide of the little creatures, the network shall remain open shouldanything else need to be permanently eliminated. TheThreshold.comfeatures entertainment based on titles like MORTAL KOMBAT, DUKE NUKEM,CONAN and RED SONJA. With its continued partnership with IBM and Sprint,TheThreshold offers original animation like, YOU SUCK, THE PRODUCER, andGALAXY GRAND PRIX, along with video chats, games, streaming media, originallive-action productions. "This was something we simply felt must be done,"said George Johnson,'s Chief Technical Officer. "We have aresponsibility to our audience to do the right thing, and destroyingPOKEMON seems to be the right thing to do." Remember the network istargeted to men 8-35 years of age.

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