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Three UK Companies Form tv4c

U.K. distributor Chatsworth TV, producer Flicks Films and post-production house VTR plc have come together to create a joint venture called tv4c (television for children). Creating mainly pre-school productions, the new group will handle all production, distribution, licensing and merchandising of their properties. The projects will rely on the talent of Flicks Films Terry Ward, producer of the successful MR. MEN. Already the three-way venture has four projects under way. Commissioned by GMTV in the U.K., KIDDING AROUND is a 65-part five-minute series of childrens jokes animated using kids drawings. THE ADVENTURES OF BATTERSEA is a live-action/animated series that follows the animated dream world of a real life dog. When the dog disappoints his owner, he slips into a fantasyland where he's a hero. Currently, tv4c is looking for co-production partners on the 26-episode series. Finally, tv4c is creating 39 eight-minute episodes of SPACE LUNIES, which follows a group of crazy aliens, and BUSY BUSES, a CGI animated series targeted at 2-year-olds.

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