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Thinkbox Software Releases Deadline Cloud Wizard for Google

Deadline’s new wizard enables secure communication using customers’ Google Cloud Platform account information to create a VPN connection between the user’s workstation and cloud account.

Los Angeles, CA -- Thinkbox Software has released Deadline Cloud Wizard for Google Cloud Platform. The new Deadline feature condenses the configuration of Google Cloud Platform-based render farms that run the scalable, cross-platform high-volume compute management solution into a one-time automated task completed in under 30 minutes.

“Thanks to its strength and flexibility, Deadline is already deeply integrated into countless workflows across industries. Deadline Cloud Wizard for Google Cloud Platform allows users to experiment with a cloud-enabled pipeline, providing even greater freedom,” said Chris Bond, founder, Thinkbox Software.

Using customers’ Google Cloud Platform account information, Deadline’s new wizard creates a basic virtual private network (VPN) connection between the user’s workstation and cloud account for secure communication; demo Slave virtual machines and jobs are set up automatically. Available in beta earlier this year, it currently runs Deadline version 7.2, which ships with a trial of NextLimit’s Maxwell Render, and will soon support Deadline 8. Integration with Deadline 8 will further simplify the cloud workflow by eliminating the need for a VPN with the addition of a new Proxy Server application that allows users to securely connect to the Deadline cloud infrastructure over public Internet using SSL.

In addition to Google Cloud Platform, Deadline also supports cloud rendering on Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack, among others. Currently, the Deadline Cloud Wizard is only available for Google Cloud Platform and Amazon EC2. To request a free 30-day trial, please use the online form here:

Source: Thinkbox Software

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