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Thinkbox Offers Free On-Demand Licensing in May

Company Teams with The Foundry for Free Hours of NUKE and KATANA, and Chaos Group for Free Hours of V-Ray; Also Provides Complimentary Use of Deadline and Krakatoa for the Month.

LOS ANGELES -- Thinkbox Software has announced it will provide free licensing hours of Deadline and Krakatoa as well as free hours of The Foundry’s NUKE and KATANA, and Chaos Group’s V-Ray for the month of May. Deadline 8, now available, introduces on-demand, per-minute licensing for Thinkbox tools and third-party applications. Users will receive the complimentary time in 10,000-hour increments. Time can be managed via Thinkbox’s e-commerce portal and minutes are only consumed while the Slave application is rendering. In addition to the new on-demand licensing, Thinkbox continues to offer perpetual licenses for its products.

“We invite anyone and everyone to take advantage of this opportunity and really hammer our system so we can fine tune the store and this new on-demand model,” shared Chris Bond, founder, Thinkbox Software. “We’re excited that The Foundry and Chaos Group have teamed with us on this offer and we look forward to bringing even more partners on board to continue making our customers’ lives easier.”

“Partnering with Thinkbox to provide on-demand V-Ray licensing is a natural fit. We want to make sure our customers have easy access to V-Ray in ways that fit their business, and since many are already using Deadline, the combination is perfect,” added Vlado Koylazov, CTO of Chaos Software and head of development for all V-Ray products.

The free hours can be used for on-premise or cloud-based rendering; users are responsible for compute resources. Hours are offered on a first come, first served based and any unused time will expire at 12am PDT on June 1, 2016. Details are available here. To request free hours from Thinkbox, please send an email (link sends e-mail) or call 1-866-419-0283. Rendering with V-Ray requires updated builds of V-Ray 3.30; V-Ray customers should email here (link sends e-mail) for access to those builds.

Source: Thinkbox Software