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Therapy Studios Welcomes Flame Artist Cary Welton

Therapy Studios announces the signing of Flame artist Cary Welton.

Joe DiSanto and the Therapy welcome flame artist Cary Welton, who brings with him years of experience, a sharp eye for detail, and the sense of humor necessary for working with the Therapy crew.

Cary Welton brings his refined artistic talent and genuinely infectious enthusiasm to each project. He aims to consistently realize the most extensive version of the client’s vision, far exceeding their expectations, saying, “I want viewers to be filled with childlike wonder, as I am, by scintillating highlights on a car or an ever-so-gently pivoting cheeseburger.” Cary’s finishing work has appeared in high-profile spots, many in collaboration with W+K Portland, including the award-winning piece Chrysler: Halftime in America directed by David Gordon Green and featuring Clint Eastwood; Dodge Dart: How to Change Cars Forever directed by Christopher Riggert; and Levi’s: Levi Legacy directed by Ralf Schmerberg, a beautifully done commercial with a moody gravitas courtesy of Charles Bukowski’s “The Laughing Heart.” Cary’s detail-oriented approach and easygoing nature has earned him a loyal repeat client base that includes director David Solomini at crush+lab for an ongoing stream of fashion and beauty film work.

Cary spent his college years studying animation and visual effects, before setting out on his career path with help from Robb Cadzow, the Head of Engineering at RIOT. Robb brought Cary into RIOT’s data department, where his art school background and passion for visual effects kicked in. Features Executive Producer Lindsay Burnett saw immense promise in Cary, and gave him his first shot as an artist. As a roto/paint artist, Cary lent his talents to such vfx-heavy movies as The Time Traveler’s Wife and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The door to the commercial world opened for Cary when RIOT merged with Method Studios in 2009. Cary became flame assistant to Claus Hansen, who influenced him immensely, lighting his way to flame along with fellow mentors Pierre La Querre and Andy Davis. After a six-month sojourn to work on a feature at Luma, Cary realized that he loved the hustle and client interaction of the flame bays and returned to Method.

Cary is thrilled to now be joining the tight-knit group of creative artists working together out of Therapy’s collaborative studio, saying, “The dynamic, creative, family vibe of Therapy Studios is so energizing. The guys have created a magical, positive environment in which artists may flourish. I am lucky to be part of this team.”

Source: Therapy Studios

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