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Therapy’s Eddie Kim Designs Sound for Audi 'Ahab Redux'

Therapy Studios’ Eddie Kim designs the sound for the Moby Dick inspired spot Ahab Redux for Audi.

Los Angeles, CA --

Eddie Kim, award-winning sound designer for the Los Angeles-based editorial, sound and post-production company Therapy Studios applies his sonic style to the production of Ahab Redux, a satirical :60 spot from Audi. Directed by Tom and Charlie Guard (the Guard Brothers) of Smuggler and created by Venables Bell & Partners, the spot features the return of the legendary Ahab and celebrates Audi quattro allwheel drive.

In 2012 VB&P introduced us to the legend of Audi quattro all-wheel drive with this allusion to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, depicting Ahab as a modern-day tow truck driver hunting an elusive white Audi through snow drifts in his rig. Ahab declares, “You name it, I’ve hooked it, but there’s one that’s always eluded me.” In Ahab Redux the captain has abandoned his tow truck for the isolation of a seaside shack, but his peace and solitude are shattered by the torment of the intangible Audi quattro because, as Ahab has learned, “If there’s one truth in this life, you can’t escape your demons”.

The spot opens on a beach “most folks would call this paradise,” Ahab says. Therapy’s Eddie Kim then acoustically paints each scene with an authenticity that puts the viewer right in the moment. Explains Kim, "The team at Venables Bell & Partners brought this sweet gem to me to reprise the Ahab sound design. I wanted to create a peaceful and serene getaway so I used the sounds of gentle rolling waves and light winds passing through palm fronds for a sense of tranquility. These sounds were juxtaposed with cold, haunting sounds to convey the Audi's "taunting" of Ahab. I wanted the entire experience to lull the viewer into a peaceful state, then shock them with Audi's spirit of supreme coolness…I hope it worked!"

Source: Therapy Studios

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