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th1ng Signs Directorial Collective weareseventeen

Motion designers join global production company based in London, New York and Stockholm.

Easter 2013 broadcast ID for TV6 by weareseventeen. LONDON & NEW YORK -- Directing collective weareseventeen recently joined global production company th1ng for representation in the U.S. and U.K. The design-led team of directors and animators combine art and advanced technical knowledge to create beautifully thought provoking CG work.

The six-member group -- Steve Simmonds, George Alexander, Adam Brandon, Cesar Pelizer, Jesper Lindborg and Shaun Adamson -- hails from five countries: England, Scotland, Sweden, Brazil, and The Cayman Islands.

Known for their agile approach, weareseventeen splits into groups for specific projects to leverage a particular director’s skillset. This allows them to create a wide range of work, while maintaining a loose house style, as seen in IDs for The Box, and TV6, spots for Pom Wonderful, and Yoplait, as well as brand identities for Spark and BT TV.  Their work on the short films Infinite Horizons and Mr. Selfie illustrates their ability to evoke emotion and push themselves technically and conceptually.  

“We strive for work that is kind of abstract following real world rules,” explains weareseventeen. “This gives the audience something to question with all the beauty and familiarity of real world aesthetics, but adds an unusual or unconventional aesthetic to the visual.”

“weareseventeen joins a th1ng roster of designers and animators of all stripes -- stop-motion, 2D, 3D, hand painted, classic cartoon style,” said th1ng CEO & founder, Dominic Buttimore.

Source: th1ng Corp Ltd.

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