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Testarossa Releases VROOM For Maya 1.0

On April 1, Testarossa ToolsInMotion, a developer of human motion editing applications for the 3D content creation market, announced the release of VROOM FOR MAYA, a motion-capture plug-in library for Alias|Wavefront's MAYA 3D animation software. The library includes plug-ins that let users readand write skeletal animation in the Acclaim ASF/AMC, Biovision BVH,and Motion Analysis HTR mocap file formats, as well as import themotion of a mocap skeleton into a MAYA skeleton regardless of thereference pose and skeletal structure. The library also providestools to exchange skeletal animation data between MAYA and VROOM,Testarossa's application for batch processing animation data. VROOMFOR MAYA 1.0 is a plug-in library for MAYA 2.5 and 3.0 on Windows NTand Windows 2000. It is available for $349. An evaluation license ofVROOM FOR MAYA and VROOM can be requested by visiting Testarossa'sWebsite

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