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Tendril Creates Show Open for Style Frames NY

Blacklist’s Tendril creates a haunting open for “The Art of The Pitch,” the inaugural Style Frames NY conference.


NEW YORK -- Blacklist Director Tendril created a haunting Opening Title sequence for Stash Media’s inaugural Style Frames New York conference, “The Art of The Pitch.”

“We wanted to create a story that could be felt as well as enjoyed visually,” said Tendril’s Chris Bahry. “We were also very aware this would be viewed by possibly hundreds of our incredibly talented peers at the conference, and we really wanted to connect with them with a virtual nod of understanding.”

The project tells the self-referential story of a man creating a pitch, and the nightmarish encounters he has with himself as the aspects of his creative psyche are manifested by five ‘Gods’ — flesh/blood; technology/power; rest/play; form/function; love/passion.

“The success of this project is a series of beautiful collaborations,” said Tendril Executive Producer, Kate Bate. “John Black (of CypherAudio) was integral in bringing Tendril to the table.  Tendril Creative Director Chris Bahry furthered the outreach by engaging the ultra talented filmmaker, designer and musician Anthony Scott Burns to co-direct the film.”

Source: Blacklist