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Telescreen Acquires Rights to Rudolf from JEP Animation

Dutch media company Telescreen has been granted the exclusive worldwide (excluding Germany, French-speaking Europe and Denmark) distribution rights of JEP's new animated production RUDOLF, including broadcasting, home entertainment, merchandising, internet, mobile phone, audio and book publishing rights.

JEP Animation has offices in Cologne, Germany, is currently producing the animated television series. In total 52 episodes of three minutes each will be produced with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union. The series is created and directed by Rudi Mertens and produced by Jurgen Egenolf. The series will be entirely in "gibberish" with music and sound effects. Delivery of the first episodes is planned for fall 2009 and the complete production by the end of summer 2010.

RUDOLF is a sharp, uproarious animated series about a door-to-door salesman who meets the weirdest customers in the wildest neighborhoods day-to-day. RUDOLF is such a zealot that he is blind to the fact that he is offering the wrong item to the wrong customer. So wherever RUDOLF knocks, he is in for a shock. Each encounter escalates into slapstick mayhem but RUDOLF remains undeterred. He might be an eternal loser, but whenever he fails, he picks himself up, dusts himself down, flashes his salesman's smile and starts all over again.