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‘Teen Titans GO!’ Crossing Over with ‘Powerpuff Girls’ in ‘TTG v PPG’

‘The Powerpuff Girls’ charge into ‘Teen Titans GO!’ in first-ever crossover episode, ‘TTG v PPG,’ on Thursday, June 30, on Cartoon Network.

It’s a big night at Cartoon Network when our superhero sisters fly into Jump City in the first-ever crossover episode, “TTG v PPG,” debuting Thursday, June 30, 6:00p.m. In the episode, when Mojo Jojo shows up in Jump City, it's up to the Powerpuff Girls and the Teen Titans to take him down.

Later in the evening, Rigby has to give a speech at his high school graduation in a special half-hour episode of Regular Show premiering at 7:30p.m. In “Rigby’s Graduation,” Rigby’s graduation speech will be broadcast live on a TV show called “Inspire America,” and he wants to make it memorable for the big day.

“TTG v PPG” and “Rigby’s Graduation” will also be joined by an all-new episode of Ninjago at 7 p.m. as part of Cartoon Network’s #Yoursday, which delivers new episodes of Cartoon Network fan-favorites on Thursday nights.

Source: Cartoon Network

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