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Technology Sneak Peek: Python in Unreal Engine

At Autodesk University, Unreal Engine is providing a glimpse of what to expect from Datasmith, as the company tackles the challenges of importing CAD data into Unreal Engine.

Epic Games is providing a brief glimpse into research that will solve the complicated problems with bringing CAD data into the Unreal Engine, with a preview of where things are going with Datasmith. The Datasmith workflow toolkit, currently in beta, makes moving data into Unreal Engine as frictionless as possible. Datasmith provides high-fidelity translation of common scene assets such as geometry, textures, materials, lights and cameras from popular DCC and CAD applications into Unreal Engine.

This week at Autodesk University, for the first time Epic Games is showing an early preview of using Python and Blueprints in Unreal Engine for the purpose of data preparation. The demo provides a quick window into the possibilities when users have the option of working in Python and/or Epic’s Blueprint Visual Scripting to take advantage of new, sophisticated data preparation tools that process and optimize scene data. Data prep functions range from “find all parts smaller than 1 cubic centimeter and decimate them” to “find these objects and automatically repair them (fixing bad topology, gaps and overlaps).”

The workflow is designed to save days, and sometimes weeks, in preparing data for real-time use.

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Source: Unreal Engine