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Technicolor Adds Steffen Wild as New Head of Virtual Production

Industry veteran joins company’s pre-production studio to help merge previs, techvis and postvis together into flexible, storyteller-focused integrated production pipeline. 

LOS ANGELES -- Technicolor has announced the addition of industry veteran, Steffen Wild, to head its virtual production department. Wild will report to Kerry Shea, head of the Technicolor pre-production studio. He will be instrumental part of the studio’s partnerships with storytellers, bridging the gap between filmmakers and VFX throughout the production pipeline. His group will work both in-facility and on-location; their focus will be to deliver a fully integrated pipeline and shooting services with the flexibility of a small, manageable team facilitating collaboration, viewing and manipulation of media assets and scenes during the filmmaking process, across multiple locations, as the production process unfolds.

“As head of virtual production, Wild will help drive the studio’s forward-looking approach to efficient filmmaking by bringing previously separate departments together into a single pipeline,” commented Shea. “We currently see what used to be separate departments merge together. For example, previs, techvis and postvis, which were all separate ways to find answers to production questions, are now in the process of collaborating together in virtual production.”

Wild has over twenty years’ experience in the industry, including ten years with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, advancing animation technologies, virtual studio productions and new ways of visual storytelling. As SVP of digital puppetry and visual effects at the Creature Shop, he crafted new production techniques using proprietary game engine technologies. He brings with him an in-depth knowledge of global and local VFX and animation production, rapid prototyping, and cloud-based entertainment projects. In addition to his role in the development of next-generation cinematic technologies, he has set up VFX/animation studios in the US, China, and South-East Europe.

“I’m absolutely excited that Technicolor is committed to virtual production as we are embedded into the mindset of filmmaking,” remarked Wild. “The history of filmmaking that is in our company’s DNA and the fact that we can now extend our playing field from the very early stages of pre-production across all aspects of the filmmaking process to final color correction is an extremely exciting idea. MPC’s creative collaboration with Jon Favreau on The Lion King laid the groundwork for the new fabric of how we’re going to create and experience content in the future.”

Source: Technicolor